Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jekyll Island

We had a great camp on Jekyll Island!  We took a ton of kids and got allot of groundwork laid!

Friday, June 15, 2012

St Pius Passing League

Good day at St Pius passing league, we went 5-1. QB's getting better, seemed like defense was intercepting the ball every other possession! Shaq, Kyle, Rob and Brce put on a good show! Keanu, Larry, Jay, James and Chris were big time!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Players talking about Parkview Football!!!

Check back here!  Players will interact with fans, fans can go the blog (simply click on one of the blog title lines...for example click on "Players talking about Parkview Football" above) and leave moderated comments.  They will not show up immediately but after a short period your interaction will show up as well.  We have several players and coaches already involved.  This is on the spot happenings....authors can blog from their phones!  Stay in touch with the Panthers!  Follow us on Twitter as well...@Parkviewftball  and Facebook as well!  We are Parkview and we want to share in the excitement!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I am looking forward to seeing these players perform this year.

We have so much talent on this team, I can't wait to see them perform and they are working hard getting ready!  Proud to be a Parkview Panther....

I feel like this year we will get back to the playoffs

The way we have been practicing we should make it to the playoffs....enough said by another Panther

I am excited about our first 6 opponents

I am excited because it will be a good test to see how hard we have worked during the offseason....Parkview Panther player who is ready!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Passing league is going great

In passing league, not only do you get to practice everything you've learned, but you also see some of your competition. Lets you know how hard you have to work...don't you just love it when Parkview Panthers see the value in working hard!

I feel like this year we will go back to the playoffs

Its very clear that we are done losing.  We have amazing players that are committed to practice, weight training, and on the field performance. Our coaches know how to push us all the way to the playoffs...Parkview Panthers seem excited about new year!

I felt like spring practice was awesome

I learned a lot in spring practice, learning some routes to run and different formations like "Panthers right" and "flex" was a new experience. I also learned that you have to catch on fast in football and that along the way, coaches help you to improve in areas that you mess up....great post by an excited Parkview Panther!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

We need authors!

If you are a Parkview Panther and are interested in becoming an author for this page, contact Coach Hill at You can also use the email address I gave you...but don't be afraid to post!

I feel like this year we'll get back in the playoffs

I feel like this year we'll get back in the playoffs because everyone is working more efficiently than last year and our motivations for state are high!

I am excited about our first 6 opponents

I am excited about our first 6 opponents because this will be our chance to prove that Parkview still has what it takes to be champions!!  Another Panther post from a player ready for a great season!!!

Our new practice plan is really working out better

Our practice plan is really working out better because there's more to do and get done to get the team better and prepared for our opponents this year.  This is exciting to the Coaching staff because this is a post from a Parkview Panther Player!

Spring Practice

Spring practice this year was great. We had great numbers. The kids seemed to be excited and ready to work hard everyday to get better. Coming off a 4-6 season, we really need to focus on us, (Parkview) and work out so details on where and how we were going to get back to where we belong. We had some close games in a tough Region, but no excuses were accepted. We need to get better and our kids have worked hard to get better in the off season. Looking forward to a great 2012 year!

A special thanks goes out to Coach Whitley for this post!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am excited about our first 6 opponents.

Our first six opponents are very good but so is the View. It is exciting to play top opponents to start a season. I look forward to the challenge and competition.

Summer Practice is fantastic

Summer practice is voluntary hard work and it is paying off. Kids are getting better and better and have a focus that I have not seen in some time. They are on fire and anxious to work!!!

Chris Carson

I am looking forward to watching Chris Carson run the ball this year! Go to the Recruiting Updates page on our website!  You can follow not only Chris but several other players...Great Job Coach Chris Wagner!  Thanks for all your great work getting schools interested in these young men!!!

Passing league is going great

Passing league is a great way to improve our offense and defense. I can see much improvement already between weeks 1 and 2 of passing league. I believe we can keep improving and competing with all of these tough teams.

I am looking forward to seeing these players perform this year

I can't wait to see what my team mates can do on the field because I can tell they are all getting better and getting a better understanding of the game.

I believe our off-season work will pay off

As a team, we have and are putting a lot of effort into improvement. Practice is becoming routine for all of us and is actually becoming more fun the more we do it. We are all giving a 100% effort to go far in this upcoming season.